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This document provides the basic sequence and layout structure we have found to work best with the Autochartist solution.

Improve market entry through identification of support and resistance levels.

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Autochartist Analysis types

Autochartist provides technical and statistical analysis and immediately recognises emerging and completed trade setups. Analysis types vary to cater for all types of traders, technical analysis types include: Horizontal key levels and Big movements.


Everyone wants to know where the exceptionally large movements in the markets are, as the question is always “What is going to happen next?”. The Autochartist Big Movements and Consecutive Candle statistical patterns automatically identify large movements in the market.

Horizontal Key Levels

Autochartist Key levels identify horizontal support or resistance levels at significant price levels. This is the most popular analysis type as it is loved by all types of traders. It is simple to understand and ideal for the new trader and very valuable for more experienced and advanced traders.

Email Subscription Options

Autochartist market report email allows you to have a faster, clearer and smarter ways to trade. Seize your opportunities with this email report subscription.

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This email contains a market snapshot, which is sent once per day during
the EU session. This is a daily report released in Arabic or English.

Actionable Fundamental Content

We provide insights of future trends based on past outcomes of reports within the daily economic calendar.

Daily Economic Calendar with analysis

We draw conclusions about the expected movement of affected currency
pairs based on the historical report outcomes and provide probability of
trends based on the actual and consensus values.

Live Financial News Content

Get up-to-date financial news content with the ability to narrow down your feed with a search function.

News Feed

Stock news, forex news and general news from multiple popular news providers with trending news and the ability to search for news on a specific asset

Trading opportunities

By providing time-saving tools and signals based on a variety of analysis types, you can appeal to a broader range of traders.

Trading Opportunities

Autochartist’s technical, statistical, macroeconomic, fundamental, and news sentiment analysis content ensures that you engage clients of all trading styles and levels.

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